FT8 Procedures

We will run some FT8 when conditions are difficult. Especially on the low bands. To improve your chances of making it into our log, please follow these simple methods:

  • Never, Never TX on our QRG (transmit frequency/offset). We will listen to the whole audio bandpass, about 200 to 2800. If you transmit on our QRG you will have a much higher chance of being smothered by another signal and not being heard. Listen on the bad for a few whole cycles and transmit in a space with is empty on your TX cycle  (opposite our TX cycle)
  • Do not send your locator. We do not need or want your locator square. We will first reply to signal reports and will only reply to calls with a locator it that is all there is on the band. Passing and replying to locator transmissions will reduce our QSO rate by half, meaning many more people will miss out on a QSO. Pleas, just send a report, it is all we need.
  •  A final 73 or RR73 from you is ok, but do not expect such from us. If we have sent a signal report reply (e.g. A65DR VK9XT R-09) then we will log that QSO at the same time. This will allow us to move on to the next QSO right away.
  • We will log to QSODirector in near real time also our FT8 QSOs. There is no reason for a dupe QSO, if you have received our report please check the QSODirector here, you should show up shortly.
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